Ancient India symbols and their meaning

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This symbol is read as aa-uu-mm.. these three sounds are the basics of sound or the fundamental sounds of our existence. These are the only three sounds humans can make without the tongue. Tongue is being used to mix these three sounds and produce millions other manifestations of sound.

As per modern science the whole existence is reverberation, vibration of energy. Where there is vibration there is sound, where there is sound there is creation. So all the sounds are the manifestation of these three root sounds. This is not just in India, Its across the world, everywhere the sound aa is the basic sound.

If you utter these three sounds there are different things happening in you body. Every sound activates a different dimension of your energy system. You listen to a certain kind of music and you become Loving, you become joyful, aggressive. Sounds are not only changing your emotions but also the chemistry of your body so what kinds of sounds you are exposed to does various things to you. These three sound when uttered together activates the whole system, because these are the three fundamental sounds. This is a science of making life happen to you in the highest level of intensity and beauty.


Trishul represents the three fundamental dimensions of life. Left and Right represents the masculine and feminine qualities within you. Maintaining a balance between these two allows you to handle life effectively. The center represents inner balance within you that cannot be disturbed by any outside situation.

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Swastika symbolizes the multi-dimensional nature of life that seems to go in different directions, but has only one orientation. It’s like a falling comet scattering in all different direction but moving ahead in the sky.


Mandala represents the cosmos within a universe. This is used mostly as an aid to meditation. You train your mind to bring your attention back to the beauty of the mandala. When you are completely absorbed by the beauty of the mandala you will experience a feeling of lightness and well-being.

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Lotus symbolizes how you should deal with the dirt around you. Lotus flowers grows the best where there is thick mud around it. Wherever you go in the world there is dirt around even inside your mind. When some people see the negativity around them they close themselves down to 2-3 people they make a life around it. While some people think the whole world is full of negative people and let me be one. But Lotus flower shows the other way to deal with negativity, dirt around you. Use it as a manure and blossom like a lotus flower. You should be able to maintain your beauty and goodness even if there is all negativity around you. Every individual have the capability to be like a lotus flower.